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Thursday, 12 April 2018

WAEC 2018 English Language Obj, Essay and Test of Orals Answer – May/June Expo


11 - 20 : CBADDBBDAC
21 - 30 : ACDACCADCA
31 - 40 : AABBCAADAB
41 - 50 : DCBAABDBAA
51 - 60 : ABCDBBBBBB
61 - 70 : CCADDABBAB
71 - 80 : DCCBDCACAD

01 - 10 : ACBABABBBD
11 - 20 : ABBCCBDACA
21 - 30 : DDCDDDCABB
31 - 40 : BCAADCCCDC
41 - 50 : DDBDDADBCB
51 - 60 : CBBADABDDA

««««« Essay »»»»»

««««« Comprehension »»»»»

6a) The show was suggested to be free because everyone in the village attended both men,women and girls. A massive crowd gathered under the iroko tree without any form of restraint

6b) It was not a one-man show because he had assistance from his three aides

6c) The magician was confident to receive shots from his aides because he knew nothing would happen to him and also because the guns had no bullets but just gun powder

6d) The American tourist was set to prove that it is impossible to receive gun bullets and still remain alive or still remain standing

6e) If the American man had carried out his contemplated action the magician would have been dead or seriously injured

6f) It mean to run or move away from a place or someone at great speed

i) Adjectival clause
ii) It qualifies the noun "feats"

i) feats = act, performance 
ii) aides = assistance
iii) steadied = firmed, stabilized 
iv) mystified = puzzled, confused 
v) unscathed = uninjured, untouched, unharmed, undamaged 
vi) hasty = quick

««««« Summary »»»»»

i) Individual is affected by drug addiction causing erratic damaging behaviors.
ii) The family of the addicted is also affected causing stigmatization in their community.
iii) The society is also affected by drug addiction which lead to increase in criminal activities.
i) The tool of education should be employed to sensitized the youth about the menace of drug addiction.
ii) Our law enforcement agencies should be empowered to apprehend dealers of these drugs.
iii) Early treatment given to the addicted person will go a long way to combat drug addiction in the society.

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